About Donna's List


I've been meaning to launch this blog for ages! But as usual I was overthinking it. It's got to be useful. But at the same time really simple and easy to read. 

I'm actually not new to blogging. 'Donna and Navaz' came out back in 2007 (bloody hell lol) when I was Beauty Editor on a teen magazine called CosmoGIRL! It was a fashion and beauty blog that I started with my Fashion Editor friend, Navaz, who is now a hugely respected fashion insider, editor and author. We are still great friends! 

I can't believe that 'Donna and Navaz' actually still exists on the internet! But considering it was created over 17 years ago, it was actually quite ahead of its time. 

British Vogue even listed it as 'one to watch'!

I was looking at it for inspiration to start this blog. Because at the time we launched Donna and Navaz, we didn't really know what blogging was about lol so we didn't overthink our posts. And I find that the things you don't overthink, always work better.  

Anyway, I couldn't help but notice that the most popular posts involved lists: 5 thing lists; top 10 lists; lists about everything from how to update your wardrobe to favorite beauty looks at the Oscar's...

So I thought...why not do a list-based blog for my new one? 

And who doesn't love a list?

Nice and neat.
To the point.


To-do lists; shopping lists; wish-lists...the list (ahem) could go on! 

The Beauty List will feature all of the above.

And it won't be just about makeup, hair and skincare. Or things to buy. This will be about other stuff to make life feel more beautiful. I know it sounds cheesy but I'm all about feeling good on the inside too.

So the list could include a new book that's made me feel good. Or a recipe. Or a podcast like this one that I listened to just this morning that is all about setting goals. LOVE MEL ROBBINS! 

I can't wait to get going...



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