Editor. Journalist. Podcast Host. Real Beauty Pioneer. 

Our founder, Donna is an internationally acclaimed Beauty Editor who pioneered the ‘real beauty’ movement 25 years ago. 

With a passion for creating relatable content, Donna introduced ‘unretouched’ imagery to the British high street at a time when brands were still using overly filtered, unattainable marketing tactics. During her 5 year Beauty Directorship at the drugstore chain, Boots, Donna was breaking the mold by ditching the airbrush pen and casting models with relatable quirks.  

After winning the prestigious Johnson & Johnson Award for Best Beauty Editor on a National Newspaper, Donna was granted the highly sought after American 01 Visa for her Extraordinary Ability in the Beauty Industry and she now lives and works in the US with her husband Dan, and two sons, Oliver & Billy.

Donna’s work has been published in some of the world’s most famous media titles including The TImes, The Daily Mail, Vogue, Instyle and Cosmopolitan. Her passion for creating authentic and trusted content continues with her work with HELLO! US where she hosts their menopause podcast and is a regular contributor to their beauty and lifestyle channels.

Here at The Beauty Ed, Donna’s wish is to empower women to ‘be more you’ and create conversations that celebrate their own unique beauty at any age.